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BMW Headlights

The BMW headlights

Do you want to improve your visibility while driving? The BMW headlights will illuminate the road for you. It doesn’t matter the darkness or the precipitation you are driving through. You only need to have your BMW car or motorcycle fitted with this powerful headlamp and it will be a day-full night. To get rid of the night accident, the BMW headlamp has undergone series of improvement throughout the BMW automobile age. It is fit for that amazing BMW car of yours. Since 1916, the BMW Company has not left behind the improvement of its vehicle headlights to fit the market needs of different geographical regions. The improvement of these headlights has also been precipitated by the market taste of buyers. This makes the BMW headlamp be found in a series of shapes and sizes. You will certainly find the one that exactly fits your car.

The international headlamp styling adopted in 1983 to date, which allowed the replaceable bulbs, non-standard shape; architectural headlights with superb lenses gave room for all shape headlamps. This will give your car the kind of look that you want. These specially built headlights also meet the headlamp construction standards in the world. They meet the ECE standard required in industrialized countries except the United States and the SAE standard that is obligatory in US.

With regard to drivers with low visibility or commonly known short sightedness, the BMW headlights are uniquely designed to aid in proper control of light beams. The lights can be adjusted to light several miles away or re-adjusted to light only few miles away from the vehicle. So you don’t need to worry, you can control the light to suit your visibility level. You will not need to get out of the car to control the headlamp. The internal control system invented in 1917 to improve the “dipping” (low beam) headlamp will help you. This means it is sit, drive and control, isn’t it easy?  With the introduction of high density discharge system in 1991 by the BMW 7 series, the BMW headlights did not only gain popularity in the US but also the rest of the world especially Europe.

Positioned at the rear view of your car, the BMW headlights are electrically operated. You only need to know how it operates and you’ll never be a nuisance to other nocturnal road users. The reflectors in the headlights are very unique. They are able to control the light beams as per the driver’s control.
The History of BMW Company

The first BMW car was made in 1959 by the BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) automobile, motorbike and locomotive manufacturing company. The company which was started in 1916 began by making aircraft engine and later ventured into motorcycles. In 1959, the company underwent financial crisis. This brought forth the car manufacturing idea which was booming in the market at that time. The company stopped aircraft manufacturing but still proceeded with motorbike manufacturing which they had started building after World War I. Headlights had to be built for these motorcycles. With the evolution of the brands of motorcycle, headlights also had a need for evolution. Different shapes and sizes were therefore made.
The Models of BMW

Until today, the BMW has improved its headlamps to the current BMW Motorrad brand. In 1923, the BMW Company introduced their first thriving motorcycle. It was after the failed Helios and Flink. This brought forth the need to upgrade the lamps.

In 1959, there was need for attraction of buyers, so the company had to dwell more on quality. This made the company design a series of cars with distinct features. To lift the previously falling company, the cars had to have all looks and colors in order to get the market share. In 1962, the new class of sedans and coupes came into the market. The new brand powered by four cylinder M10 engine made BMW acquire an international ovation. The series of BMW brands were as follows:

  1. BMW 1 Series – This was launched globally in 2004. It was a classic car that brought the BMW brands to the limelight. Found in many distinct and unique colors, this car became the pride of many people internationally.
  2. BMW 3 Series - This is a heavy duty car manufactured as an improvement of 1975 model car. It is currently in its fifth generation known as E90.The car is classic, elegant and the pride of many who come across it. Found in variant colors, it has beaten many cars in the market. In some countries, even cheaper models have given it a salute in the car market.
  3. BMW 5 Series – It is a unique official car. Made for 2008 model year, it has been produced in many versions to give the top of the range sporting cars.
  4. BMW 6 Series – This is basically a luxury sport car. It is currently known as 650i in coupe (E65) and (E64) in the United States. It returned in 2004 in an improved style to fit the market. With all new look, high engine performance, it has got a bigger market in Russia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and South Africa.
  5. BMW 7 Series – This is an executive and lucrative sedan. It’s powerful and has a liquid hydrogen fueled engine. This makes it emit only clean water vapor. But remember, the engine can be operated by other fuels such a gasoline, diesel and petrol.
  6. BMW X3 – This exceptionally attractive car was debuted in 2003 for 2004 model year. It is a Sport Vehicle and operates purely on E46/16 Series platform. It is available in many options depending on the fuel use. It’s cool and found in distinct colors. It is fitted with silvery double headlights at the front.
  7. BMW X5 – This is a mid-size extravagant car made for the road. It is shiny with all colors. The headlights are owl eyes-like. You will like it at the first glance.
  8. BMW X6 – When you visit the leading BMW showrooms, you’ll remain glued to it. Never doubt it. It is all cool and wow, attractive to the eye. The headlamps are the ones that your eyes will remain on, all nocturnal and penetrating to the furthest end you would want to see.
  9. BMW Z4 – It is a 2-seater sedan. It’s only available in the best performance that you want. The engine is 3.0 L 255 hp (199kW) 16. Rest assured that with this classic make of car, you will be the most proud among friends. The headlights are flat and cool. By a simple look, you may think that it’s an owl looking at you.

Types of BMW Headlights

Want to know the best BMW headlight suitable for your car? The BMW car manufacturing company has the best for you. You only need to know the car model number and you will get the suitable headlamp. There are many types of BMW headlights. This includes:
 First, the sealed beam headlights. These are the commonly used headlights. Also known as 2002, these single round headlights have the reflector, bulb and rear lens selection merged together to form a single built unit. However, fusing this headlamp as a unit means that replacement also takes place as a unit.

Halogen headlight is the next one made by BMW. These are very prominent because they provide more light during low visibility. Lastly, the most current headlamps in the market which give improved visibility are high intensity discharge (HID). HID headlights produce brighter light than any other car lamp. They are also known as Xenon lights.